The Ministerial Internship Program (MIP) utilizes select courses from the School of Ministry to train ministers for their calling.

New and Current Users

Please read the information below, as some information has changed:

The process in which Ministerial Internship Program (MIP) students gain access to their online accounts has changed. The Office of Ministerial Development will be creating your accounts and then will be emailing those accounts out the week before your first seminar. Should you have any questions, please let us know by email.

**Note: Spouses are required to create a separate online account as two people cannot complete their studies on the same account.

Session I CoursesSession II Courses
Journey Through the Old Testament
Living the Faith
Journey Through the New Testament
Leading With Integrity

I can’t created my account! Help!

The Office of Ministerial Development will be creating student accounts. If by the third business day after your first seminar you have not received your account information and after you have checked your SPAM/Junk folder, please contact our support.

I’ve logged in and I’m not enrolled in my courses. What gives?

If you are logging into a new account, there may have been an issue enrolling your courses, please contact our support.

If you are not logging into a new account there might be a few reasons for not being enrolled:

  • Due to a long period of inactivity, you were unrolled from your courses. Please contact our support so we can reactive your account.
  • MIP students have to the end of June to complete their online courses. You may be unrolled from your courses if you have not completed the courses by that date. You may request an extension by your state office, or by contacting our support if you would like us to ask on your behalf.

I had access to the courses, but now they are gone.

MIP Candidates are given from September to June 30 to complete their online courses. Failure to complete your studies may result in being granted an extension from your state office. Should you need an extension, contact our support.

Something is wrong or you have any additional questions.

Contact our support, we are here to assist you!