The Ministerial Internship Program (MIP) utilizes select courses from the School of Ministry to train ministers for their calling.


Please read the information below, as some information has changed:

The process in which Ministerial Internship Program (MIP) students gain access to their online accounts has changed. The Office of Ministerial Development will create your account and then email the account information to the student the week prior to your orientation. Should you have any questions, please use the Need help widget at the bottom right of the website.

**Note: Spouses are required to use a separate online account to complete their online studies.

Session I Courses
Journey Through the Old Testament
Living the Faith
Session II Courses
Journey Through the New Testament
Leading With Integrity

DOE1 Access for MIP

To access your DOE1 account, you will need to visit the Ministerial Internship Program (MIP) course found in Moodle. At the top of this course will be directions to create your DOE1 account. Should you have any issues, please contact support at

DOE1 Courses for MIP Seminars

DOE1 Courses for MIP Seminar 1

  • “Establishing a Prayer Ministry in the Local Church” by Rev. Pam Brewer
  • “How to Minister to Marriage and Family” by Dr. Daniel Vassell

DOE1 Courses for MIP Seminar 2

  • “How to Plant a Multicultural Church” by Dr. Sean O’Neal
  • “Church Planting” by Anthony Braswell
  • “Understanding Congregational Culture” by Dr. Josh Rice

DOE1 Courses for MIP Seminar 3

  • “Leadership in Ministry” by Dr. Fred Garmon
  • “Theology in Ministry” by Dr. Daniel Álvarez

DOE1 Courses for MIP Seminar 4

  • “Ministerial Self-Care” by Dr. Tim Maness
  • “Diplomacy and Emotional Intelligence” by Fred Garmon
  • “The Emotionally Intelligent Pastor” by Dr. Jeannie Clarkson

DOE1 Courses for MIP Seminar 5

  • None

DOE1 Courses for MIP Seminar 6

  • “The Church as a Taxpayer” by Art Rhodes
  • “Insurance for Churches” by Dennis Watkins

DOE1 Courses for MIP Seminar 7

  • “Church Safety and Security” by Dennis Watkins
  • “The Right-Now Word” by Rev. Bill Lee

DOE1 Courses for MIP Seminar 8

  • “Bows and Arrows— A Model for Multigenerational Ministry” by Dr. Bryan Cutshall
  • “How Do We Retain the Next Generation?” by Dr. Michael Knight

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